Saturday, 16 June 2012

Daemon Prince Rises

Hello Readers

Below is some pictures of my recently completed Daemon Prince for my upcoming (one day) Chaos Cult Army.  I will be talking about this army in a later post but for now I shall focus on this beastie.

I have not got a name for him yet, but basically he is one of the more highly respected members of the Cult of the Fifth Witch (the name of the Chaos Army I am working on).  He has been pulled from the warp against his will and is pretty annoyed about that.

To paint him I simply started with a black undercoat everywhere and then buitl up his skin to make a sort of  'cracked lava' effect.  I started with Red than drybrushed orange then yellow over the top.  I picked out the raised lewvels in black, leaving the cracks where the muscles join showing up brightly.  I then drybrushed dark grey over the top to pick up any details.

The armour was straight forward enough.  I tried to have a similar but more contained effect going on with the armour and so only used the red paint in the armour gaps.  I then painted a dark purple over that.  The chaotic icons were simply painted gold and the metal parts on the skin and such drybrushed with a metal paint.  After all that was done, the entire model was drybrushed in a light grey to give it a fine ash look.  I think this worked well and will do a similar thing on later models.

I used one tecnique here that I havn't used for some time.  When I drybrushed the greys over the other colours, I was not at all careful to avoid getting any in the receces.  This achieved an effect that I think works a little better on skin but worked well enough here; that the surface looks slightly see through, a little more three dimensional.  This was a little frustrating at times as I did make a few mistakes along the way and had to go back to do touchups.  I am happy with the end result though.

I tried something else for the first time that I suppose many people have done before me; I tried fully painting the parts of the model before I put them together.  This may seem like the obvious way to do it to some people, but this is new for me and I did find it a little hard to match the colours up just right.  I found that as I kept going, I developed a heavier drybrush, and so the models skin became lighter as I went, he started to look like Frankensteins monster there for a while, but I fixed that up easy enough when the model was glued together.

Something else that I will try with at least this current army is how I did the base.  I used a piece of pumice stone for the large rock he is standing on (which I shall have to do a seperate article on one day, it is worth it) and used a sand i got from the local pet store for keeping lizards.  Apart from the pumice, the base is not painted at all.  I think it looks alright, but feel free to tell me otherwise.

Well ultimatley, all is well that ends well.  So I am pretty happy with this model and am looking forward to giving this guy something to command.

From Antman

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  1. Just the other day, a strange thing happened. The base of this model came off (nothing too wrong), but only the actual base came off. The sand and such were still attached to the model. Very strange.