Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fields of Fire: Week 15

Hello Readers

I know, I know, I haven't posted anything in a while but I really am trying to keep on top of a large workload here.  How about I show you what has been going on with the Fields of Fire Campaign?

While this picture may look unassuming I will remind you that each of these squares represents 100km x 100km, so my country, Coldavia (the white one), is about the size of the UK and Ireland put together and my opponents (Prutenia), is about the size of Italy (about the same shape too).

What has been going on?
Well, politics, and I for one love it.  Prutenia and Coldavia have signed a treaty limiting their military presence.  Long story short, it will be against our treaty if Prutenia expands any further west and Coldavia expands and further north or south.  We have both been expanding and training our military in preparation for a friendly 'practice war'.  It will follow the same rules as the normal game but we won't actually lose any soldiers to the fighting.  This is in part to test each other out a bit and also to get other people involved in the game.

Speaking of getting people involved, it looks at this rate that we will have another two countries sprouting up shortly; one south of Coldavia and another west of Prutenia.  This will not only mean that we may become restricted in any expansion we try but also that we will now have other treaties and political ties to make.

Back to the game.  When we do start this battle we will be fighting it out as a team battle.  This can be split into several smaller battles or done as one big one.  Either way, Coldavia and Prutenia are now recruiting commanders.  I think I am looking for two or three myself.  We will each be fighting with a regiment of infantry plus whatever support we have for them.  I haven't finished making the support yet, but the infantry alone makes up 252 teams, that is 252 bases on the board if we choose to do the all-in-big battle or 84 if we split it into three smaller parts.  And that is just what is on my side of the field without support.  Yep, this is a big game.  Fields of Fire is a game of wars, not battles.

Anywho, I hope that this has kept you interested for a little bit and I shall see you next time

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