Thursday, 25 October 2012

Warzone Unleashed

Hello Readers

Today I bring you the slightly belated news that I have officially launched Warzone into the wider world.  I have started getting the hardware together and can start playing games as soon as someone feels like joining in.

On Sunday I gathered everyone together at the local games club to officially launch Warzone.  Everyone politely sat through my unrehearsed speech and it seemed to catch a few peoples attention. While we are yet to start playing, there are a few people who seem like they are interested.  With all the rules written up and the bases for the game having arrived, the few miniatures put on order, I can only wait in trepidation to begin the massive game of Warzone.

Well thank you for reading the very short post.  I will have a larger one shortly for the beginning of Warzone (hopefully) and some of my painting projects that are ongoing.

Thanks for reading

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