Friday, 2 November 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

Hello Readers

I feel I really must appologise to my readers as I have been a bit lax in writing new posts.  The reason for this is that I have been very bust writing Warzone.  There are those out there who will be very happy to know that it is now up to a stage that a campaign can start.  So today I will explain a little bit more about Warzone and my plans regards the future.

The first thing in Warzone is to pick a section to start the campaign in.  My opponent and I chose a small section from a randomly generated map and we will be choosing which area to start in shortly.  The map is divided up into squares that represent 100km x 100km of ground.  Each square gives the person who controls it resorces and income, which allows them to build an army up to do battle against other players to take over more land.

Above is the area in which we chose to start.  This is roughly 2000km x 2000km area, so we will have a fair bit to go before any major problems arrise.  I am looking forward to starting the campaign as soon as possible as I think I at least will thougroughly enjoy playing, and I am sure my opponent will too.

The Future
The future of Warzone looks bright, though a little distant.  I do have a firm plan in place though which I think will work well.  Because Warzone is a 1: 100,000 scale game, there are no real miniatures required.  Any that are used are purely representative.  That is generally how most gaming companies make their money.  The other way is through the sale of ruilebooks and other such pieces of information.  They update an armies stats and so everyone has to buy another book, which can be very frustrating for players, especcially if they are not too keen on playing the game anyway.  Warzone is a vast game, where there is a hugge selection and variety of weapons, training methods and terrain types, and so any updates I do would be brought out very often.  This would be quite costly on people wanting to play Warzone.  But I have found a way to get around this problem.

Rather than buying the Warzone rule book or a new army book whenever a new one comes out, players will be 'subscribed' to Warzone updates, sort of like a magazine.  These updates will include new weapons and training scheduals, news about what is going on in the universe and upcoming projects.  It will only be a very small yearly fee, so anyone wanting to play even casually will be able to at minimum cost.  As stated before, there are no miniatures as such in Warzone, unless players really want to buy them (I suppose it does look better).  While I intend to eventually release my own range of miniatures for the game, along with other gaming aids, there are plenty of places in the meantime that sell iniatures of all different scales.  Because there is no set look for any of the units, vehicles or equipment (not yet anyway) you can buy whatever you want and paint and convert to your hearts content.

One of the cool things about Warzone is that you can have your own equipment made.  If you like a particular type of tank but wish it had a little more armour than you go to the head of the company who makes it (at the moment, that is me) and request that they make you some special ones or do research into a new product.  They may or may not be able to make it for you and it may or may not be worth the effort after you finally do get your special item, but the point is that even though you are given a certain range of weapons to choose from in the beggining, nothing stays the same in Warzone, just like in real life.

I have to date made the product lists of four weapons companies. I of course intend to make many more than that, but anyone who subscribes to Warzone will be updated as soon as the new products come out and will be able to use them straigt away.

Okay folks, that is it for me today.  Hope I have tickled your interest a little bit.  If you want any more information about Warzone then please let me know, especcially if you are one of my local gamers.  Hopefully next time I will be able to tell you how the start of the campaign goes and entise some of you even more.

Until next time

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